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The Mask

Just the other day my wife stumbled upon an email I had sent her 10 years ago, when we were just getting to know each other.  The email was titled, The Mask, and I now recall typing it in a sudden surge of creativity at 3am in the morning.  I had since forgotten about the details of the email until, well, just the other day.

It holds as true today as it did 10 years ago so I’d figure why not share it with a greater audience than “just” my wife.



Origins of The Mask

Imagine for a moment that you’re wearing a mask.  Any kind of mask.  Perhaps it’s the mask you wore at some Halloween party or some other occasion.  When you look in the mirror, what do you see? The Mask.  When you look in the mirror, who do you see? You.

So it is with your truth.  No matter what front or mask you wear this day/week/month/year/life, your truth will always see you for who you are and what potentiality you are her to express.

Your truth, the truth, will compel you to remove the mask so that you may finally see what you are here to do as the divine expression of that truth.  Your truth.  The truth.  All the good that life has in store for you, seeks you as the outlet for its own proclamation of goodness.  It seeks itself in you and your face.  When you wear your mask(s), the good deflects for it does not recognize itself.  You may see a fleeting glimpse of it (idea, feeling, coinciding observation, etc.) yet you let your mask speak louder than the soft serene whisper of truth in your ear.

Again, the good seeks You as the outlet for itself because you are the amplifier and conduit of that which is universally true.

At some point there is a gap between the mask and the wearer of it.  Over time that gap grows into an abyss into which the wearer of the mask stares every so often.

Somewhere at the core, you, the wearer of the mask, know something is off.  Something “just ain’t right”.  That awareness of “something not being right” is your truth yearning to be received by You.   The wearer (You) stares into this abyss and look across to the other side for a hint of help or explanation.  You look towards the mask for some reasoning and satisfaction of this whisper that says “something is off”.  You look towards the mask on your face for an answer, but to no avail.

What Feeds The Mask, Drains You

The mask receives its force and dominance through the glamorous admiration of the outside world from which you thirst for acceptance.  That, upon which we bestow glamour has no value other than what we project upon it and as a group agree is desirable, admirable or even worth dying for.  The sweet whisper originates from a different place.  From a place of original agreement through which you are born.

Imagine you’re wearing a mask.
Now, imagine the mask wearing you.
Try to imagine the mask becoming you.
Where are you and who are you?

Do not mistake the mask for anything other than your human attempt to appease, fit in, be accepted and be loved.

“Whatever You did not learn last time You yearn to learn this time”

Before entering this human realm, you had an agreement with the divine cosmic intelligence to fully express the boundless beauty, love, peace and creativity on this planet in this lifetime.  You did that for two reasons:  Life expands through learning.  Whatever You did not learn last time You yearn to learn this time.  The yearn to learn comes from the same source that compels the acorn to become an oak and fully experience “oakness” for which it is loaded and coded.
Along the way you made new agreements with the limited perspective of the human condition rather than the original intention of the divine soulful experience. This happened by choice, but not always knowingly.  Now you wear masks for various occasions: the father, the mother, the brother, the assistant, the executive, the neighbor, the lover, the friend, the enemy, the…….
Know this: each mask draws its own experience and suddenly you find yourself managing multiple experiences belonging to masks that you wore to fit and at the cost of forgetting your original mold.  It no longer is a masquerade, but a full time job of managing and deciphering multiple experiences belonging to various personas that the masks helped create.

Now what?  In the abyss lies the answer.  Surrender to it and let yourself fall into this open space, however dark and fearful it appears.  It is in silence and dark that you see light and hear that sweet whisper of Truth seeking to be received by You, and expressed as You.

It is in the darkness that the acorn gets activated into growth and become the oak tree we admire.

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